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Get to know Mario and Redeemed Lives International teachings through these video selections.

Good News Testimonies

Mario talks about overcoming same-sex attraction so as to find freedom for faithful marriage.

Local Christian talk show
Gloucester, MA
27.53 minutes

7 Questions about Pastoral Care in the 21st-Century

Mario answers questions about addressing homosexuality in Church & Society for pastors who attended a recent equipping seminar.

2014 Equipping Seminar
Columbus, OH
26:18 minutes

Hell, Don’t Go There

Mario preaches on the reality of hell. Hell is not God’s chosen destination for anyone, rather it is chosen by those who until their dying breath place self before God.

Ash Wednesday 2013
Gordon College
Hamilton, MA
21:19 minutes


There are a plurality of definitions for same-sex attractions. Using his own story as an example, Mario describes the various factors that influence the development of same-sex attractions. Taken from the the DVD ‘Such Were Some of You’, click here to purchase the entire two hour video, distributed through Mastering Life Ministries

2013 Produced by Pure Passion Ministries
Nashville, TN
21:28 minutes