Human Rights

Human Rights

Redeemed Lives International (RLI) is a registered non-government organization (NGO) with the Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe and their Office of Democratic Institutions and Human Rights (ODHIR). Recently, RLI also became a registered NGO with the international Gender Summit.

Our mission with the OSCE/ODHIR is to actively defend the rights of Christians and all people to retain their fundamental freedoms of thought, conscience, religion or belief. Since 2009 RLI has been involved at the ODHIR’s annual gathering of the Human Dimension Implementation Meetings (HDIM) in Warsaw, Poland (formerly the Helsinki Human Rights Accords). At the ODHIR/HDIM gatherings, RLI advocates for the human right of Christians before fifty-eight nations of the northern hemisphere that are registered member states of OSCE (including the USA, Canada, the UK and all of Europe). We show discrimination and intolerance against Christians. At the HDIM, RLI argues our cases in four ways, by: 1) Requesting acts of recognition, 2) Giving interventions exposing human rights violations against Christians, 3) Proposing draft legislations for consideration by the parliaments of OSCE member states, and 4) Offering presentations over a free-lunch for diplomats. Through our efforts at the OSCE/ODHIR/HDIM, RLI is educating lawmakers from around the world on the contemporary interplay of gender, religion and human rights.

RLIs involvement with the Gender Summit, recently held at the European Parliament, is just beginning. We shall continue this outreach as funds become available. It is here that RLI engages with the emerging global understandings about gender issues. We are actively involved in sorting through the illegitimate and legitimate claims of discrimination against women, people who self-identify as LGBT and yes, even men in various nations, vocations and fields of study. There is actually a surprising diversity of opinions about these issues.

Below are selections from the four different types of human rights documents that RLI offers. The full text of these documents may be accessed by clicking on the blue text in the margin to your right.

  • Act of Recognition: In October 2012, at a HDIM working session on tolerance and non-discrimination, there was a review of the implementation of commitments on promotion of mutual respect and understanding. RLI made this central recommendation: That participating States of the OSCE please acknowledge that mutual respect of beliefs is denied to some Christians because preferential treatment is given to the beliefs of the LGBT community. (View the full text in our human rights documents by choosing Mutual Respect Towards Christians Denied Due to Preferential Treatment to LGBT Views).
  • Intervention Exposing a Human Rights Violation: In September 2010, RLI offered this central recommendation: That participating states of the OSCE region safeguard the rights of all people with unwanted sexual attractions to seek out their treatment of choice and not be labeled as lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender or queer (LGBTQ). Hate speech laws, that rightly protect people with LGBTQ self-identifications, are being over broadly applied causing discrimination against people with unwanted sexual attractions. Not everyone who experiences sexual attractions to members of the same-sex, concurrent attractions to members of both sexes, or even attractions to children want these attractions. (View the full text in our human rights documents by choosing Safeguarding the Rights of All People with Unwanted Sexual Attractions.)
  • Draft Legislation: In October 2010, RLI offered this recommendation for a draft legislation: That participating States of the OSCE should draft legislation to safeguard the free speech of Christian academicians and clerics so that they may teach the sexual morality of their faith traditions without being subject to false accusations of hate speech so they may empower Christian believers to practice the sexual morality of their Christian conscience. (View the full text in our human rights documents by choosing Intolerance and Discrimination Against Christian Academicians and Clerics Threaten their Freedom of Conscience to Apply the Sexual Morality of their Faith Traditions to Homosexuality.)
  • Presentation at a Diplomatic Luncheon: In October 2010, RLI offered this presentation as follow-up to our morning request for an act of recognition during a working session on tolerance and non-discrimination against Christian pastors and therapists. Understanding Diversity of Definitions for Gender for the Public Debate. When addressing gender in the public square, we undoubtedly encounter a multiplicity of ideas, ideologies and beliefs resulting in a multiplicity of definitions. Gender may be defined as a fact — biological sex. Gender may be defined as an ideology related to the fact of biology — socially accepted characteristics of manhood and womanhood. Gender may be defined as an ideology based on a conceptual framework, as well as in a subjective and relative manner — the anima and animus in the psychology of Carl Jung or the Yin and Yang of Chinese cosmology. (View the full text in our human rights documents by choosing Understanding Diversity of Definitions for Gender for the Public Debate.)

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Human Rights Documents:

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