Meet Mario

President & Founder of Redeemed Lives International

Mario Bergner is father to five children.  He founded Redeemed Lives International (RLI) over twenty-five years ago. Previously to its current location in the Boston metropolitan area, RLI was located in Chicago and Pittsburgh. In these many years, Mario has lead RLI on pastoral missions in North America, nine European Nations, Africa and Asia.

Mario is the author of Setting Love in Order (SLO)  (Baker 1995), a book on overcoming unwanted same-sex attractions. In the nearly twenty years since it first appeared in print, SLO has been translated into fourteen different languages.  He has also written five pastoral courses on Christian formation, for use in ministry and parish settings: Redeemed Lives, Alive Again, Returning Sons, Growing in Virtue and The Shepherd’s Voice.  To find out more about these courses, all available on DVD, select the Store option on the top menu, then visit the Pastoral Courses page. He has also published chapters in The Christian Educator’s Handbook on Family Life (Baker 1997) and God, Gays, and the Church (Latimer Trust, Oxford 2008).  Articles by Mario can be found in The Archbishop of Canterbury’s Listening Process (2008), The Living Church Magazine (2006) and the Jubilee Centre (Cambridge, England 2005). These chapters and articles are available on the  Articles page, located under the Equip tab on the top menu.

Mario is an advocate for the human rights of all people seeking self-emancipation according to their convictions as grounded in their professions of faith. Through RLI’s participation in the Human Dimension Implementation Meeting in Warsaw, Poland, draft legislative proposals are presented to the fifty-six member nations of the Northern Hemisphere who gather under the umbrella of the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE).  To view RLI’s human rights documents, under Outreach select  Human Rights

For the  twenty-five years, Mario taught adjunct for the University of the Nations (YWAM), for sixteen years he taught alongside Leanne Payne at Pastoral Care Ministries, and for five years he was adjunct faculty in the Doctor of Ministry Program at Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary. He has also been a guest lecturer at Trinity College at the University of Bristol, Wycliff Hall at Oxford University and Ridley Hall at Cambridge University.  Before attending seminary, he had a career as a voice and speech specialist for the theater, teaching at Boston University, Wright State University and Carnegie Mellon University.  He holds a BFA from the University of Wisconsin at Milwaukee, an MDiv from Trinity School for Ministry in Pennsylvania.                                                                                                                  

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You may purchase Mario’s book in many languages. And the French, Finnish, Italian and Russian editions are available here as free PDF files. Click here on Books, to find out more.  

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